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a Large welcome to anyone who is here for the PAINT BY NUMBERS EVENT this is hostedby EMPTYART GALLERY taking place on MAY 12TH 2021 quotation from the hosters:"Join us for paint by numbers night. We will provide paints, canvas, and the numbers will be lined up in the museum. Come early to get a spot close by." BOUND TO BE A FUN EVENT PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL ARTPEVIEW

Email Slade Ragar TO BEcome a vampire!!GO.

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I once went on record saying "the web site of bagungus was a mistake" well let me tell you buddy and buckaroo I have never been more wrong, this website is a glory and I've recieved so much vampiric support it truly fills my soul with the spark needed to fill thousands more

the pormal awaits

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HOW TO BE A VAMPIRE: IT’S EASY - YOU’RE DEAD. If you aren’t a blood sucker, but the thought of becoming one for the wrong reasons still has your mouth watering - stop reading. Before you start reading this, make sure you have all of the supplies that you would need to become a vampire. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about becoming a vampire - all in one spot. WARNING: These were produced by a wannabe vampire, not a vampire. So if you’re a vampire and these don’t apply to you, well - that’s just unfortunate. DON’T LISTEN TO THOSE PUPPETS! LISTEN TO US. WE’RE THE REAL DEAL. UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR MOUTH - LIKE JONATHAN WILSON! PART ONE: THE GIRL WHO WENT MAD First off - THE GIRL WHO WENT MAD - is actually an adaptation of a graphic novel that your mother didn’t allow you to read as a child. The books contained more extreme depictions of blood-sucking than anything you’d find in this guide, so if you’re afraid you’ll see something disturbing - just look away and get on with it. You can find the original graphic novel here. THE GIRL WHO WENT MAD is a far more disturbing and violent adaptation of the story than the more-streamlined version we’re using as a guide. We recommend you only give it a read if you’re an adult, so as to not risk bringing upon nightmares with your love of blood and death. Although you might be a vampire without even realizing it, there is still some major deciding factors that you need to consider before making the final decision: A DEATH SLEEVE - your vampire outfit A three-piece suit. A bowtie. The look of a dead psychopath who got lost during a black-and-white acid trip. You might want to consider something a little more elegant. Perhaps something with some class, like this: A suit and tie. A tie that has small, dark roses on it. A black shirt. Black pants. Black shoes. The finished product A Mummy costume - unless you think you’ll be fawning over them WHO DOES THIS COST? This guide was created with the goal of being as cheap as possible. We hope that with your help, we’ll be able to provide you with a great costume that can be done for $20 or less! Where can I get an outfit like this for less? If you were to buy all of the items that are part of this guide as well as the cheapest price you can find, you’d end up spending $70. BUT HOW FAR CAN I GO WITH MY ORGANS? Although this costume might look awesome, if you think about the increased amount of blood it’ll take to really make it shine as a vampire (we’re talking several pints of blood), it probably isn’t the best idea. PART TWO: WHO’S THE SAVIOR? WHO IS THE ONE WHO WILL DEAL WITH THE VAMPIRE GIANT? No worries, we’re here to save the day. SO WHO IS THE ONE WHO CAN STOP THE VAMPIRE GIANT - THE ONE WHO WILL DEAL WITH THE VAMPIRE GIANT? We’re not exactly sure about this one. We assume it has something to do with the spooky female lead, but this could all be subject to change. When you make your decision, please make it as a hobbyist - not a professional. Most professional vampire hunters take the life of their victims with a scythe. Some use katanas. Some use an apple peeler. We, at The Society for the Prevention of Vampire Abduction, use our teeth. You should also make your decision based on your own personal character. Are you a vampire who doesn’t want to bite, or a vampire who wants to nibble on your victim’s flesh for most of the night? Do you know that she is the one who will banish your undead soul to hell for eternity, or are you about to run into the most attractive (and most dangerous) vamp that has ever grace the face of the earth? If you’re still not sure, just take a look at some of these hot shots: The sexy vampire hunter The happy vampire hunter THE GIRL WHO GOT MAD Our actress, Veronica Santos, happens to be rather outspoken about her hatred of vampires and her excitement at the chance to work on this project. You may remember her from such movies as: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement The Bachelor Cinderella Man Mr. and Mrs. Smith -I call it creepiness- She had a huge laugh and was known to do a lot of burping and other silly things. But we feel like she is the perfect choice for the role of our vampire, because even though she says she “won’t hurt a fly”, we’re pretty sure that someone’s legs are going to be squished into hamburger meat, and that’s how the transformation will take place. PRE-PURCHASE EASY! While most costumes require at least one full day of sewing, we’re prepared to complete the entire suit in a mere 3-4 hours. You’ll just need to bring: A sewing machine This first project of “The Vampire Hunter” is going to take a total of 3-4 hours to complete. Most of the costume pieces require just a little bit of sewing. We’ll use this project as a great opportunity to brush up on our sewing skills. Be sure to visit our own personal sewing projects to get a glimpse of how awesome we are at this. If you can sew, but you’re still intimidated, you can buy the costume. To prep yourself for this project, take a look at our mini-lesson here: How to Sew a Zombie Costume LOOKING FOR QUALITY MATERIALS? But first, we need your help! If you can’t make it in person, please make a donation to our non-profit organization, The Society for the Prevention of Vampire Abduction. The more support we receive, the more we can put back into our organization to help others be prepared. Spending $15 on this costume is going to save our members $16 on medical treatment. Help us raise as much money as possible so we can buy as much blood as humanly possible. Please give generously to save a life! NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR BACK, LET’S GET YOU INTO THE SHOT! So what does it mean to be a “The Vampire Hunter”? The Society for the Prevention of Vampire Abduction exists to help people be prepared to fight the undead. What we do is help communities prepare for the possible possibility of a vampire invasion. A vampire is a vampire is a vampire. So we put all of our blood and souls into this project to keep the light of goodness out of the darkness. A quick google search will give you a list of any events you could potentially run into a vampire at. We want to make sure that you’re ready. But, what kind of “vampire” is The Society for the Prevention of Vampire Abduction? We have members from all walks of life. Some are scientists, some are businessmen, some are construction workers, and some are normal people. But we all have one thing in common: We don’t want to die! The world would be a pretty depressing place if there were no more people who refused to become an undead soul eater. Join us. Become a part of our society. Show the rest of the world that you’re ready to defend yourself, and your fellow man, from the vampires that threaten our world.