HOMY MOLY! This is a preview for the artg allery Extroivaganza! I am very exited to showcase the rest of my PBN COLLECTION. This Is My Third Favorite and i cannot wait to gauge reaction to this one. This is going to be I Promis a great event Event. Please Go Check out Public Art Galery AT/.. Because that is up but right now my event starts on potentially May 12th in the year of 2021. But I am not sure of that so there is a chance it is different but i know i have the correct date on the index page of my public web site of bagungus. not a mistake. so i will upddate this with the properest correct date As ASAP! Please let me know what you think at sladeragar@gmail.com!, and send me your painting!, and also you can become a vampire!

i also think I should mention there is a Very Funny Joke associated with this image and I will tell it to you
what do you call a dracula who's sucking on a big cork like this?
(i have put it way down do at the botoom BECAUSE WHAT IF SOMEO

a suckin' fella